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Ophelia’s Apothecary June Box Review

For the second straight month Ophelia’s Apothecary has outdone itself.  I’m amazed at this little box.  I subscribe to a lot (a lot) of boxes, but this is the one that I look forward to each month.  Ophelia is a one-woman show.  She makes all of the smell-goody products in small batches using all-natural ingredients and essential oils.  This is a perfectly awesome box; also it was worth more than I paid for the entire quarters’ subscription.  So yeah, there’s that too. 

Here’s what I received:
Wild Honeysuckle Shea Butter Soap – $0.70
Micro Fiber Bath Mitt - $3.00
Summer ’13 .25 oz perfume roll - $8.00
Buggers-Be-Gone 2.3 oz Bug Repellent - $9.00
Bubble Ring - $1.00
Blue Clouds Eye shadow - $1.87  (the FB page sometimes FLASH sale 8 for $15)

Either subscribers received earrings from Fonte Noir ($30) or a beaded bracelet from Ophelia ($18). Other options were to receive the bubble ring, lip gloss sample, and eye shadow sample.

Honeysuckles trellis across fields and fences all over the country and open their blooms during the summer.  Lazy summer days are perfumed with the warm sweet scent of honeysuckle blossoms.  Ophelia wrote that she likes to drive slowly by bluffs that have tons of vines and slowly inhale.  So do I! 
I used this honeysuckle shea butter soap with the mitt and found it to be very moisturizing.  The little yellow flowers in the soap were a lovely touch.  I must confess though, my first thought upon seeing the mitt was ‘I dust my blinds with one of those.’  I would have never thought to take a microfiber mitt into the shower, but it was pure luxury. 

I still find her roll-on perfume oils to be a bit sticky for me, but the scents are amazing.  Last month’s Sirene was a complete winner and this month’s Summer ‘13 is just as lush.  It’s honey, rice flower, peaches, peonies, day lilies and orange blossoms – a perfect summer scent.  She just nails it.
The mineral eye shadow sample was an unexpected surprise.  I didn’t know she produced cosmetics, too.  (In which case I’m definitely crossing my fingers for tinted lip balm at some point.)  The name of this shadow is Blue Clouds, but the color is a shimmery silver.  When it arrived, it was thankfully sealed so the powder couldn’t spill everywhere.  And that’s as far as I got with that… I couldn’t un-seal it.  It’s in there so tight it’s jammed.   

This Sunday I had the opportunity to try out first-hand the Buggers-Be-Gone repellent.  The Hubby and I decided to hike the trail over the mountain that’s in our backyard.  You would think we do this more often since it’s in our backyard, but we don’t.  I spritzed myself down with B-B-G because bugs love me.  It made my face feel a bit tight in a cleanser-tonic sort of way, but it wasn’t bad.  The hubs wanted to know what I was wearing.  It's a blend of lemongrass, geranium and eucalyptus, so it's not incredibly offensive, just to bugs.  We made it over the mountain in good shape; I only got bit under my shirt where I didn’t spray.  I’m happy to have B-B-G, it’s perfect for the summer and it’s so useful.
I don’t think I’ll play with the bubble ring, but I know a neighbor’s child who will love it.

Then, wrapped in a little bit of tissue paper were handmade copper earrings by Heather of Fonte Noir Jewelry.  To add perspective to things, I paid $40.00 for an entire quarterly subscription.  These earrings are worth $30.00.  Oh, and they’re gorgeous and I’m wearing them now.  They're hammered copper, embossed with an art noveau rose pattern, and given a lightly aged patina.  As someone who enjoys hand-made gifts, it’s an incredible inclusion inside a box.  I don’t believe I’ve ever received anything of the like.  Best item in box. 

Final thoughts:
When Ophelia tells me it’s time to renew my quarterly subscription, I will upgrade to an annual.  I estimated the value of this box to b $53.57. 
The box was late this month and arrived on June 28.  I checked her facebook page when I wondered where it was, and discovered the notification that the boxes were delayed.  I’m accustomed to getting ‘your box will be delayed’ messages (got one this morning, actually) and know they get held up for all sorts of reasons: vendors, weather, whatever-we’re-blaming-this-month, postal service, etc.  When you consider Ophelia is making all the products for the boxes on top of her regular business, frankly I’m amazed it arrived in June.  And maybe I'm just a bit amazed.
If wrote about the qualities of a fabulous box (and I may just do that) I would place communication up towards the top of my list.  A subscription box must communicate why items were selected/curated.  Otherwise, it can feel like a random assortment of junk in a box - nobody wants that.  Ophelia articulates on a level that’s heads and shoulders above most boxes.   Each box comes contains an incredible wealth of information.  She describes each item, and how it relates to the theme of the box.  Additionally, she paints a picture with words and creates a feel.  This is magic.  I might not like an item, but I understand why it was chosen.  There is no feeling of ‘why on earth did I get this?’ The boxes that communicate in this style tend to be my faves.
If you do decide to subscribe to Ophelia’s Apothecary shoot her an email   If four people mention my name I can earn a free month.  Whoo-hoo!

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